13 February, 2008

Mixed Media

Barack Obama Won Maryland!!

To be honest, I am shocked. I had expected Hillary to squeak by him in my home state. I remember so many people in PG county, MontGo county and pretty much everywhere around Frederick county (quite red) ADORING the Clintons while they were in office. Oh, heh...I just said 'while They were in office,' oops. :)

Obama actually carried my home, Frederick County by 3%. County-by-county Results

"We will not allow our dreams to be deferred..."
He mixes his literary/cultural references so well.

Ok, enough gushing. Although I may have raised close to $500 for him through a FB event...I'm not allowed to campaign or raise political funds for anyone while on Americorps time, and I don't.
Ok, really enough.

I'm headed out to Wheaton in the morning to hand out promotionals for the upcoming CCDA Conference in Miami. Dr. John Perkins is speaking for the annual Missions in Focus event there. I'm super excited. Interestingly enough, the man who inspired me at the MIF in 2005 will be a plenary speaker at CCDA08: Rev. Soong Chan Rah. He and I are acquaintences, we've had lunch a few times. I would love to study under him and Dr. Mary Nelson at North Park Seminary.

CCDA (Christian Community Development Association - where I work) has finally rolled out its new website. There are still things for me to fix and interesting taxonomy issues, but we are very happy to see the fruit of our labors. TechMission has done an excellent job in creating new online resources for us. Anyone who wants to subscribe to our eNewsletter (assembled by yours truly) can sign up right on our home page.

Ok, enough plugging.
I have to be up early. Goodnight!