01 March, 2008

On winding up again And quarterlife

I was pretty sick this week, I'm getting over a respiratory (read:bird) flu. Knocked me flat for about 3 days and squashed my will to write. I could have come up with a few zingers on drugs in American society and the big cold-virus pharma, but I didn't.

I decided to let myself get really bored on the internet and see what I discover.
I found a kind of internet forum paradise. Imagine: No Trolls, tons of respectful online LISTENING, love for newbies, camaraderie...I was shocked.
I'm still shocked. quarterlife.com.

I found this tv show on hulu (a TV streaming site...really cool, you should check it out) called quarterlife. The premise is that 40 is the mid-life crisis and 20 is half of mid. It's about some kids my age struggling with big concepts into their macbook iCams on a vlog/blog site. The site actually exists and it actually works. I love the show, it apparently got picked up by NBC and its pilot had the worst ratings ever. I blame that on its prime demographic. Most people my age don't think watching TV is cool. The acting is really great for the most part; the characters are real and the plot is believable.

I think that this site is part of a new online movement. As bandwidth speeds continue to increase, I believe we will see a sharp spike in the number of people communicating via video. Of course, this is no crazy prediction...people have been forecasting the end of keyboards for years now. However, this is a step for me. I decided to sign up for quarterlife.com so that I can practice my vlogging skillz. It's the new wave.

Oh, and anyone who hasn't seen Ellen Degeneres talking to 88 year old Gladys in Austin, it is hilarious.

If you want to see my embarrassing efforts, drop a comment.