10 September, 2008

Meet Ashley Adam

Ashley Adam (Ash to many of her friends) is a Case Manager for kids in foster care. I tracked her down to the Starbucks on Belmont and Clark and she gave me permission to interview her for my blog.

me: So you know how these things work, right? I talk and then you try not to be shocked with my ridiculous questions...
Ash: Yeah, but I'm not sure I can be as witty as NPR.
me: Oh, I gave that up a long time ago...or have I?
Ash: Ask me a question already.

me: right right, sorry. ok, What is the least listened-to song in your iPod?
Ash: Another Night by The Real McCoys
me: Why is that?
Ash: I used to rollerskate to it in 8th grade, but who listens to that anymore?

me: What is your favorite tree?
Ash (without hesitation): Weeping Willow
me: That was quick. why?
Ash: They always seem so sad yet very wise.

me: What is your most useful trick that you use for math?
Ash: A calculator

me: What is your most feared animal?
Ash: Wolf Spider
me: Why?
Ash: Well, it's my most realistic one. I wouldn't want to be chased down the streets of Chicago by a Jaguar or a Cheetah!

A very good point.

Disclaimer: Ashley Adam consented to marry me on July 24, 2008. She blogs over at step lightly...


bombbb said...


i enjoyed this interview.

well done, christopher.

oh and thank you for your wonderful voicemail from germanfest. they all made my day.