18 June, 2007

I realize that these entries are supposed to happen more than once a month. In a perfect world, I would be making 2 absolutely heart-felt and relevant posts a day. Life caught up (as it is prone to do) with my carefully sculpted dreams. I had been under the impression during my space at Wheaton that my parents were going to pay for my education. Quite the generous move. I had studied and worked hard to get into college and in return for behaving myself, they would pay. Imagine the responsibility-laden surprise falling on my shoulders: a mantle worth 20 G's. All of the Federally borrowed cash is going to be painfully extracted, pound by pound from my carefree flesh.
"So you have debt, get over it! Everyone is practically in the same place as you; stop whining."
The only reason why I am mentioning this is because it adds an urgency to my current situation. I can no longer make enough to simply live and minister in one place. Is a tent-maker supposed to be worried about paying off that new tent store? I suppose that particular relatively-responsibility-free-life situation is a greater luxury than I thought.
I'm not even that angry with my parents. I am stressed and a little worried, but my future lies with the Lord. He has not ceased to provide for my every need; what shall I fear?
My classes at Northwestern start today. I don't know where they are meeting or what books I will need. As much fun as it is to script out one's life, improv more truly reflects the nature of how we live.


Other said...

Suck it up kid. We owe 26,000 and counting with Abra's Senior year and 2 more kids to go. Might as well spread it around. Love, MOM

the statue said...

why'd she have to mention me anyway? dearest brother....we shall all be in debt til we're 35. we miss you. mom's been askin about your site all week. she finally figured out how to post comments...you might get a little spam. :-p <3 ur broke sis

JP Paulus said...

maybe it's just me, but would you mind posting a blog catcing up all newbies on your life (i.e. why are you in South Lawndale? Ar eyou hooked up with a particular ministry)?

i got connected via another blog (i think Arloa Sutter), and am especially interested in the adventures of a new urban minister.

i was in a somewhat similar situation 12 years ago (!), moving into Uptown as part of a church plant from Arloa's old church, First Evangelical Free. i learned a few things & would love to share them! (as well as learn some things myself)

JP Paulus said...

Oh -- almost forgot -- i went to Northwestern Undergrad as well, so i can share about that as well if it's helpful

Chris said...

Um, thanks for the comment Mom. :)

jp, thanks for yours too. I'll get right on that for you (and any other interested parties). I have one previously planned plug first. I didn't want to seem like I'm ignoring you.