10 July, 2007

I'm still alive

I just took my final exam in Choral Conducting on Friday. I'm surprised to be writing about it actually. I'm working on that cumulative post about how I got into the city, but there are some nuances still to be addressed.

I haven't concentrated honestly on my musical skills since my senior recital. I have been very fortunate to work with Dr. Robert Harris, the head of the Choral department at Northwestern. The classes were very personal and engaging, and my fellow students were there for their masters, which meant that the topics of discussion were always in depth. Even over a 3 week period, my skills and conception of choral conducting have grown.

4th of July made my neighborhood sound like a warzone. I was in Pilsen for most of the evening, visiting Mark Tao and old friends. When I got home around 11, the entire area was shrouded in a noxious cloud of saltpeter and ash. Perhaps a new volcano had pushed its way up at cermak and pulaski.

Nothing essentially hilarious has happened to me except that I was given a poetic love note on the El. I suppose it's not as hilarious to her...