15 July, 2008

Ok, Fine.

I've been trying not to address the fact that I'm blogging again after 2 months of dead air. Obviously, I've failed in that. In (a grudging) celebration of my return, I'll share a menagerie of web sites/apps I've been haunting for a while.

Hulu.com: Best internet TV I've found. (They have Hell's Kitchen!) Tv is bad for you though, don't give in. I got in on their beta release a few months ago and got stuck. Great interface, streaming...fun time. Perfect for a quiet night at home.

Piclens: Absolutely stunning media addon for browsers. Wowsers. You gotta see what this baby does to a google image search on a 24 inch iMac screen!

Pandora: Anyone who loves new music and likes to have their tastes codified needs to explore what this (FREE) streaming personalized internet radio can do for them.

Politico.com:BEN SMITH ROCKS (he helped me get over my primary-fatigue...I needed to hear more arguments from intelligent, articulate Hillary supporters)

Wonkette: Beltway Gossip - Even if it is a little offensive now and then...wonkette makes fun of everyone, and especially Ron Paul Moonies (which endears me to no end).

Twitter: I finally got it, linked it to my cellphone and then to my facebook so I can text updates to my FB status without using cell-phone-internet. (this is why it looks like I'm on FB ALL the time, haha)

Drudgereport: I didn't want to mention this site...mostly because it embarrasses me to realize that everyone else has been following this salacious gossip-hound for the past few years and I just discovered him in February.

Homegrownrevolution: Very detailed blog on Gardening and Sustainable Living within an Urban Context. Take back the lawns! Grow Food! I love it.

What am I missing?