31 July, 2008

a haiku

Zombie trips jogger
a lighter snack: delicious
Gamy yet robust

in honor of: Zombie Haiku

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23 July, 2008


I just started playing around with a new site that is mobilizing users to get off the keyboard and meet up for real life "gatherings." The premise of Roov.com is to connect Christians in ever-widening concentric circles from Local Zipcode to Nation-Wide.

"Roovs are the the things you have done, are doing, or that you want to do. They’re a reflection of your everyday life. Share your
Experiences to inspire, ask questions to get answers and help others accomplish their goals." You pick from available roovs or create your own.

From the Roov Blog:

I had dinner a few nights ago with a guy named Dave that I just recently met. I met him at an art show of a mutual friend. He made me see my friends in a completely different light. He started with asking a few questions that together were very, very telling.

First, he asked me, “How many friends do you have on online on your ROOV thing and Facebook and whatever you have?” I told him I have over a thousand and he scoffed. He asked, “How many friends do you have?” I started to think of how many of the 1000+ people I would call a friend. In the middle of my thinking and making that “uhhhhhhhh…” sound we all make, as we enter into that pensive state of pondering, he stopped me. He asked me the exact same thing, but with a tone that let me know he was asking a deeper question than I was answering.

It turns out, the odds against having a true friend are pretty steep.

This site is building off of the model of online social networking that has made Barack Obama's grass-roots campaign so successful; its another attempt at melding high-tech with high-touch with an passionate/activist/christian spin added to the mixture. I'm very interested in new initiatives that are aimed at improving community by harnessing the power of the intertubes.

Some of my Roovs:
Create Music
Grow an Urban Garden
Go Skydiving

Change Christian Art and Music

15 July, 2008

Ok, Fine.

I've been trying not to address the fact that I'm blogging again after 2 months of dead air. Obviously, I've failed in that. In (a grudging) celebration of my return, I'll share a menagerie of web sites/apps I've been haunting for a while.

Hulu.com: Best internet TV I've found. (They have Hell's Kitchen!) Tv is bad for you though, don't give in. I got in on their beta release a few months ago and got stuck. Great interface, streaming...fun time. Perfect for a quiet night at home.

Piclens: Absolutely stunning media addon for browsers. Wowsers. You gotta see what this baby does to a google image search on a 24 inch iMac screen!

Pandora: Anyone who loves new music and likes to have their tastes codified needs to explore what this (FREE) streaming personalized internet radio can do for them.

Politico.com:BEN SMITH ROCKS (he helped me get over my primary-fatigue...I needed to hear more arguments from intelligent, articulate Hillary supporters)

Wonkette: Beltway Gossip - Even if it is a little offensive now and then...wonkette makes fun of everyone, and especially Ron Paul Moonies (which endears me to no end).

Twitter: I finally got it, linked it to my cellphone and then to my facebook so I can text updates to my FB status without using cell-phone-internet. (this is why it looks like I'm on FB ALL the time, haha)

Drudgereport: I didn't want to mention this site...mostly because it embarrasses me to realize that everyone else has been following this salacious gossip-hound for the past few years and I just discovered him in February.

Homegrownrevolution: Very detailed blog on Gardening and Sustainable Living within an Urban Context. Take back the lawns! Grow Food! I love it.

What am I missing?

07 July, 2008

At the end of a perfect day

Short List of Things that made today perfect:

  • Moderately on-time to work
  • An episode of 30 days on the lunch break
  • Post-work brainstorming
  • Free Ride to Dominick's
  • Food Purchase!
  • Free Ride Back from Dominick's
  • Feed the Kittehs!
  • Well-Executed Bow-Tie Dinner for two
  • Spontaneous Rock-On-Mocking {Devil's Horns to MTV}
  • Humidity
  • Roommate-Karaoke
  • An Ice-Cold-Beer before bed
  • Companionship with la Femme parfaite

from the sandman

My buddy Dhiraj copied this out for me in one of his fantastic (and always thought-provoking) emails.

from the sandman: preludes and nocturnes
morpheus (lord of the dreamworld) vs. choronzon (demon)
the game in hell
choronzon: "i am a dire wolf, prey-stalking, lethal prowler"
morpheus: "i am a hunter, horse-mounted, wolf-stabbing"
c: "i am a horsefly, horse-stinging, hunter-throwing"
m: "i am a spider, fly-consuming, eight legged"
c: "i am a snake, spider-devouring, poison-toothed"
m: "i am an ox, snake-crushing, heavy-footed"
c: "i am anthrax, butcher bacterium, warm-life destroying"
(morpheus abandons the offensive and goes his own way in the game)
m: "i am a world, space-floating, life nurturing"
c: "i am a nova, all-exploding, planet-creating"
m: "i am the universe-all things encompassing, all life embracing"
c: "i am anti-life, the beast of judgment. i am the dark at the end of everything. the end of the universe, gods, worlds...everything"
m: "i am hope"
(demon unable to respond)

Yeah...good stuff.