20 September, 2007

Wake up, Mr. Like! or Sometimes I like to go to the South Side and Sing Little Mermaid

I started my new job with CCDA last Monday. I'm a volunteer coordinator/national recruiter for TechMission, and my stipend is paid by AmeriCorps. I'm picking up the lingo of corporate culture pretty quickly. Courtesy at first over efficiency...but once the pleasantries are out of the way...lookout. I have my own office with a glass-windowed-door, at least an hour of paid lunch, and the benefit of no office dress code. While they may not be paying me much for my services, the perks are handy. I can't knock the 2 block commute either. I realize this is a fantasy-dream-world compared to most of corporate america (except google), but let me enjoy myself for a little while.

My training for this job was a few weeks ago in Boston. Surprisingly, I didn't update while I was there. I guess I was too busy having fun. I got to see my family and hung out with YiOu. Technically, I was supposed to stay in Dorchester the whole time, but that didn't really happen.

CCDA is in the midst of Conference planning/executing/anguishing time. They keep me rather busy, and as I will be coordinating a large part of the 250+ volunteers (for a 2500 person conference) I will have nothing but lofty, idealistic thoughts for the next few weeks. Fortunately, I won't have to cover all of the nitty and gritty details, but I will rather work as a liason between CCDA and the various hospitality committees set up in St. Louis. They are flying me down there on Thursday to help with a volunteer training session.


livethelifetoday said...

Wow, that sounds like a pretty awesome job! After having my position and responsibilities for the past month change yesterday, and after living in this house by myself for a month, I think I'm beginning to finally feel the toll of what ministry really does to a person after a long time. I read your Harambee post from the 5th of last month and realized that Rudy had you doing all sorts of errands and jobs. But what you are doing now sounds pretty cool, particularly the flying to other places to work at conference planning.

As for knocking on the Emergents, I recently visited the Warehouse, an Emergent style worship service put on by Lake Avenue. As Rudy said, they are rethinking how we do church, not our theology. I can totally agree with that. It's funny, because after seeing this attempt at Emergent done by Warehouse, I realized that the stuff I was involved in and around back in South Carolina was far more Emergent and experimental than the stuff these guys are doing. Who would have thought that the East Coast were the ones who were really on the cutting edge of doing things differently and that I was heavily involved in Emergent-style stuff!