09 October, 2007

not-quite-live-blogging the 2007 CCDA Conference

I won't be at most of it, I'll be too busy freaking out over volunteers. So far, I've been able to see Rudy and H. Spees and I interacted (awkwardly) with JP himself! It's an all-day CCDA Board Meeting. Yikes. They're having a good time.

Up today:

  • 2 volunteer trainings
  • 160 workshop packets to finalize
  • 2000+ nametags to verify and attach to lanyards
  • 2000+ people to verify and attach to...uh...
  • Somehow I have to find some workers for Saturday night.
St. Louis is a pretty place. I'm staying at the Adam's Mark Hotel right next to the Arch.

Time to set up the Projector for the Board during their amazing looking lunch break.