09 October, 2007

not-quite-live-blogging the 2007 CCDA Conference 2

Rudy and I are g-chatting from diffferent rooms here. He's in the boring board meeting. I'm being swamped by willow creek literature. Why aren't the lanyards here yet? Who is giving the evening training? "Can you stay here for an hour and be our techie?" Someone pay the photographer. Watch out for the union spies. Nobody has cash? TIP SOMETHING!
- What do you mean I can't eat the left-over food on your silly table? You're going to throw it away anyway. I know health codes! You just want money! -

Everyone is treading as lightly as possible while trying to balance efficient time management. The art of the harried rebuke. I met Mary, a professor at North Park's Community Development Masters program. Rudy is excited that I'm here.

Here's how to survive here:

  • Write everything down
  • Copy all the files
  • Back it up twice
  • Bring everything with you
  • Memorize everything else
  • Use tasteful Pastel colors
  • Print out Hard Copies
  • Scan the Hard Copies
  • Copy the Soft-Hard Copies to your Jump Drive.
  • Don't lose your Jump Drive