11 October, 2007

not-quite-live-blogging the 2007 CCDA Conference 3

So you may have gathered that I'm not actually attending the CCDA Conference, I'm merely organizing it. I think that sometimes, I like to pretend that I'm more important than I am. It's just easy to adopt this quick-moving, fast-talking style that cuts to the quick instantly. When you do this all the time and you have a reason for it, people understand generally quickly. However, when you do not have a reason for acting this way, people see through you and learn to despise. I only caused one minor snafu, and hopefully it won't have major repercussions. While very tired, I still have energy.

I was wondering about whether or not I could handle this kind of stress. It is trying, and I do have fun getting sympathy from random people, but I realized today that I can handle it. I actually handle it pretty well. I don't flip out on people, I don't scream...I do get terse, but I can be very flexible. Ok, enough about myself. I'm just happy to realize that I can handle crazy situations. I was talking to a really smart guy the other day and he told me that my flexibility came from growing up in a stable family. My ability to adapt was enhanced by my home life. We may be more influenced by our grandparents than we think.

Noel Castellanos is now officially the new Executive Director/CEO of CCDA. The Board voted on Tuesday and made the official announcement at the first plenary session last night. Noel gave a very nice speech to the crowd. He took his jacket off at one point and threw it off the stage. Apparently, he's lost a lot of weight lately. He also invited everyone to come running with him at 7 AM.

I have more signs to hang up.

Maybe I'll get to see some of the conference soon.