18 October, 2007


  • Dennis Hastert is most likely resigning early. He has held the post of Speaker of the House for the longest ever. I can't believe that my college is naming a new poli-sci/econ building after him. I take that back...I can believe it but that's the sad part. If we are going to name buildings after famous alums who have made significant contributions to society without involving themselves with their Alma mater post graduation, why not name the new film/arts building after Wes Craven?
  • The new Radiohead CD: In Rainbows is, imho, excellent. Thom Yorke's new direction in The Eraser definitely shines through here, ephemeral background synths, ostinato beats, echoing vocals and a lighter feel remind me strangely of early Russian animation. These elements seem to connect this album with the more deliberate, chill songs from OK Computer and The Eraser's Harrowdown Hill or Cymbal Rush. Why early Russian animation? Dystopian Lumage.
  • Day 4 of Post-Conference recuperation. I'm going for a bike ride today.
  • At the conference, I talked to Edward Gilbreath, author of Reconciliation Blues, A Black Evangelical's Inside View of White Christianity. The book is insightful and quick. It sold very well. I'm in the process of reading it and I'll write more later. From our conversation, he encouraged me to write about my own experiences regarding Race and Christianity. JP Paulus has been encouraging me to write about it since I started this thing. Ok...you got your wish. I won't be able to publish the full thing here for privacy reasons, but it will still be entertaining.
I need to walk in the woods and soon.

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